Aoraki Mt Cook: The link between worlds

Aoraki Mt Cook: The link between worlds

Aoraki and his three brothers set out to circumnavigate the world by canoe. Their voyage ended tragically.

During their journey, the sons of the Sky Father and the Earth Mother were stranded upon a reef deep in the Pacific Ocean. They clambered to the top of their vessel to escape. Upon exposing themselves to the bitter southern winds, all four were turned to stone.

Today, the stranded canoe forms the shape of New Zealand’s South Island. The tallest of the brothers became New Zealand’s highest and most famous peak: Aoraki, also known as Mount Cook.

Local Maori legend states that the mountain acts as a link between the worlds of the supernatural and nature. Spending time amidst the calving glaciers, lingering alpenglow, and world-renowned night skies of Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park, it’s easy to lose track of where reality ends and the surreal begins.

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