Fine Art Print Orders

Fine art Prints

Quality is paramount in my fine art prints, it starts with the perfect capture and continues to the print being delivered to you. I oversee the whole printing process of my limited edition prints to ensure that each print represents the photograph as I intended. After printing, each print is then signed and carefully rolled in acid-free tissue paper and sealed with special labels, like the recent order of three prints for a home in Christchurch above. They are then placed into hard tubes, along with their Certificates of Authenticity to be couriered to your house or delivered to my framer for a custom made, conservation frame.

For me the final print always represents the completion of my work, like the quote from the famous photographer Ansel Adams “The negative is the equivalent of the composer’s score, and the print the performance.” If you have never seen my prints, it is worth a visit to one of my galleries in Plimmerton or Wellington to experience the beauty and fine details they offer.