Three Impression of Africa prints in a Wellington home

Art in House, New Zealand

I recently revisited a customer that purchased three of my Impressions of Africa prints last year. While I was there she told me how she could not believe that they had lived with a bare wall for so long and what a difference they had made to the room. It can often be very hard to imagine what a print would look like on your wall and I had visited them before they purchased with a few ready framed samples to give an idea of size and help with the frame selection.

From capture through to printing I am always working towards the final framed piece of artwork for on your wall. I love getting the chance to visit houses and see my framed prints installed, as for me this is the completed product.

Art can really transform a space and if you have an empty wall in your house and would like see what one of my prints would look like on it please get in touch.